Friday, September 5, 2008

US-287 From Amarillo Texas to Limon Colorado

Still on US 287 today. Rolling hills of grassy plains almost 300 miles. Only 3 towns of any size; Dumas Texas, Boise City Oklahoma, and Lamar Colorado, none much bigger then 2 miles from city limit to city limit. Dumas was a shock, as it is the first town I've seen in years that had the intelligence to time their traffic lights to the speed limit. Just north of Lamar I came across millions of yellow butterflies,on both sides of the highway for almost 3 miles.(Unfortunately a few hundred of the butterflies attacked the trucks windshield and won't live to see another day) One bad experience today; Stopped to fuel at a truck stop and pulled up behind a truck on the fuel islands with no hoses hanging down indicating he might be done fueling and was going to pull forward. Ten minutes later, the guy must have remembered why he was on the fuel island, as he got out of his truck and started fueling. After he finished fueling, he pulled forward and went inside the truck stop. I pulled up, fueled my truck, and backed out as the other driver was still playing in the truck stop. At lest 30 minutes of my time wasted for some inconsiderate asshole.
Keep on Truckin
The Iceman

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